Internships are an important part of our educational program. During the internship we provide you with a young, enthusiastic professional. Interns are a way to get to know potential new employees. There is always plenty of work and an intern provides a new perspective on your organization.

Several things must be arranged and organized before, during and after the internship. We will specifically discuss the Contract Work Placement, insurance and liability, accreditation, supervision, and assessment. Below you will find more information about these topics, depending on if you are looking for an intern or already enabling one of our students in their goals during an internship. 

  • Looking for an intern?

    Great! We are very happy that you are interested in an intern from Yuverta. We request you to contact our international office: 

  • Already have an intern?

    Contract Work Placement (CWP)

    An internship is a partnership between the internship company, the student and Yuverta. To ensure everything goes smoothly we secure our agreements in a CWP. You will receive the CWP via the student. We request you sign this contract before the student starts their internship at your company. The CWP lists the rights and obligations of the student, the school, and the internship company. The contract defines the supervision, assessment, insurance and liability.

    Supervision and assessment

    Internship coach (Yuverta school)

    Each student has an internship coach, this is a teacher from Yuverta. During the internship, the coach will contact you by phone or email to reflect on the student’s progress. Please contact the coach if you have any questions or comments. You can find the name and contact information of the coach in the CWP. 

    Internship supervisor (company) 

    The internship supervisor is provided by the work placement company. This is an important role for a successful traineeship. As internship supervisor and internship company, we kindly request you to follow conditions set by Yuverta and S-BB

    The student aligns, together with the internship coach and the internship company, goals they want to acquire during the internship. The internship company enables the student to achieve these goals. 

    The internship supervisor offers the student a safe workplace that corresponds with their education or training. The student will carry out the profession with the corresponding tasks and requirements; The internship company provides an internship supervisor, who has insight in the profession and is able to coach and manage the student on the work-floor. The internship company will make time and resources available for the internship supervisor to carry out these tasks. 


    Dutch students are increasingly going abroad for a work placement. According to the Dutch Act on Adult and Vocational Education, they may only attend accredited work placement companies. 

    Therefore, foreign work placement companies must also be accredited. If your company is not yet accredited, you can apply to become an accredited company via the S-BB website .

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