At Yuverta, pupils, students and professionals enjoy a solid education that prepares them either for the job market or for a smooth transition towards higher education.

We are ‘future proof’ because we deal with themes that matter, such as climate, energy, water, food, and the well-being of humans and animals. Together with the business community, we explore the world of today and tomorrow. We collaborate towards towards a sustainable improvement of our education and our living environment. 

Facts & Figures

A few numbers:

  • 12,000 students secondary vocational education
  • 8,800 students vocational educational and training
  • 8,500 students in the adult professional education courses
  • 2,000 staff members
  • 5,000 internship companies

This makes us the premier provider of agricultural vocational education and training in Europe. Yuverta offers training and courses on EQF level 1-4.

Lifelong learning

We aim to be a lifelong educational partner. At Yuverta, we further develop the expertise among professionals in the agricultural and environmental sector. We offer a growing number of customized education and training courses for professionals.

Proven Track record

Each year more than 800 Yuverta students go abroad for their internship. Yuverta achieved the European Quality mark, for Erasmus+. We are proud of this acknowledgment, and of the quality and assurance of our internationalization activities and aim to further develop our international strategies. Yuverta generates new innovative ideas together with reginal and foreign partners and actively participates in European subsidized projects.

Yuverta is an active member of international networks such as Europea International, The Dutch Alliance (TDA), and Network of Networks.


We are always looking for new opportunities and collaboration. Feel free to contact us  at

Please note: We try to respond to emails as soon as possible. During the holidays it may take a bit longer.

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